Ticky Tacky

This dark comedy written and directed by Brian Petsos is gloriously weird. Elevated by a barmy performance from Oscar Isaac in the lead role of Lucien, it tells a story of a wealthy, powerful man out for revenge after discovering his wife is cheating on him with his cousin.


It’s a simple story. It’s not overly complex. It’s three days as Lucien deals with this revelation and it morphs into a revenge plot, with the infectiously insane Isaac holding it together effortlessly. It’s engaging. It’s just damn lots of fun.

The script falters with a few lines of dialogue here and there, but on the whole it’s sharp and led superbly by Isaac. He makes this what it is.

He tackles the role of Lucien with all the bravado you’d expect, whether he’s marvelling about the simple pleasure of a doughnut, eyeing up a suitcase of guns or gleefully dancing around his expensive office with a tank of gasoline, he’s just joyfully nuts and the highlight of these 15 minutes. In fact I enjoyed his performance so much, I’d genuinely love to see more of Lucien as a character.

Ticky Tacky is unhinged, engaging fun with Oscar Isaac’s performance making it well worth the watch. If you’ve got a spare fifteen minutes, you could do a lot worse then checking this out.



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