Clique Episode 2

Everything about Clique’s second episode feels more polished as the drama finds its feet with a well written mix of awkwardness, intrigue, twists and turns.

Following Fay’s suicide and Georgia’s eerie voicemail message, Holly is hungry for answers and struggling to find them, with the Solasta girls unwilling to talk to her, and Georgia ‘ghosting’ her at best.

Clique sets out exactly what it wants to be this week as it juggles its different elements with impressive ease. Episode 2 is sleek, well balanced and all in all, it feels a psychological thriller. It’s not perfect, but it hooks you as the questions rack up and the answers feel tantalisingly close.

The majority of the episode is shown from Holly’s perspective. As I said last week, it feels as if it’s a novel playing out on TV and it couldn’t be more evident here. We’re given the Solasta girls in glimpses, including Georgia who appears to be succumbing to her ambition, which leaves Holly having to pick up the pieces, connect the dots and work out just what the hell is going on.

As things progress, Holly is left to wonder if she’s jealous and missing her friend or, is equally ambitious herself and the journey there is strong. The world of Solasta internships, its lavish parties and the wealthy and powerful that populate them is steadily peeled open at just the right pace. The story never drags. It keeps ticking along nicely as Elizabeth and Rory help Holly on her way, bringing plenty of awkwardness and second-half embarrassment through a drug soaked bathroom scene and the aftermath to that as she edges closer.

Clique sets out exactly what it wants to be this week…

If anything, Clique’s second episode establishes Holly as a genuinely interesting lead. She was certainly likeable last week but her character develops in intriguing fashion, particularly through more flashbacks and her visions of Fay – both of which combine to pose a question that I’m sure will be an anchor for the episodes ahead.

Synnove Karlsen once more shows herself to be very good but in fairness, the whole cast do. Aisling Franciosi is great in the snippets we get of her, Mark Strepan is inherently likeable as Rory and Louise Brealey continues to be a presence as Jude.

We’ve got a gaggle of really interesting characters and concepts to explore here, and Clique is determined to make the most of them.

The mysteries compliment the pressures of friendships and university life very effectively, with the divide between Holly and Georgia beginning to grow. The university experience for girls is truly put under the spotlight throughout Clique. There’s no male character that really feels as if they’re a primary character, they all feel secondary and it’s massively refreshing. We’ve got a gaggle of really interesting characters and concepts to explore here, and Clique is determined to make the most of them.

Clique’s second instalment is a sleek, well-written and intriguing. It delivers on the promise of its first episode, adds in the elements and confidently establishes itself as a psychological thriller.

It feels as if we’re heading to a dark, murky place but Clique has the tools to pull it off.

So basically, so far, so good. It’s definitely worth your while.


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