There I am, wistfully staring out to sea contemplating the great questions of life – in all seriousness I just don’t like my ugly mug in photos, that’s all there is behind that.

But still! That’s a big horizon. It could go on and on and on. I’m a hopeless dreamer with big goals for 2017 and this place is going to reflect that. I’ll be reviewing films, I’ll be reviewing TV, I’ll very occasionally be reviewing music. I’ll be posting my own little creative pieces – be it my own writing or photography. And also, I want this to be a platform for the other dreamers out there.

If you’ve got a hobby, whether you’re a photographer, an aspiring actor/actress, a writer, a musician, a whatever! Then I’d love to interview you and have that on here, alongside all the other bits and bobs I’ll be posting.